Saturday, August 31, 2013

New Blog Design!

YAY! My new blog design! Isn't it just gorgeous?! It's all thanks to Tenille at the cutest block on the block and they're custom designs.  I couldn't be happier :)

And now some more freebies for you! Click the picture to go to my TpT store.

All these freebies just for you!

Tomorrow I'll post my classroom pictures, YAY!

Friday, August 16, 2013

Back to School SALE!!!

The Teachers Pay Teachers sale begins Sunday at 12 am EST! My store will go on sale tomorrow through Monday! I've got one week before we're officially back but I'm been spending all my time there anyway. I can't wait to buy some other things at the sale that I've been wanting for my first graders.  Click the picture above to go to my store! What are you gonna buy?


Thursday, August 8, 2013

Back to School fun and a freebie!

So I'm fully back in the swing of school, I've been to school about 4 days now (3 days this week) and I have sooo much to do! I mean I should show you a picture of what my classroom looks like but I'm super embarrassed about it's present state. There is stuff everywhere, the floors are covered as are my desk and reading table. I don't have any student desks or table yet, I'm still hoping to get tables for my first graders (fingers crossed!). {the freebie is down at the bottom, but keep reading ;)}

So aside from my classroom I've been busy working on documents and stuff for back-to-school including my teacher binder and a whole year of reading calendars.
I made 2 types of calendar a 2-page and 1 page version

I think my student info page is quite cute.

 I will print the student info sheet and put this parent communication form on the back to keep myself organized!
 I created 2 covers and coordinating dividers pages, but I can't decide which I like best :( What do you think, I really like them both!
Check out my teacher binder at my TpT store (both covers/dividers coordinate with my classroom decor pack too!

NOW for a freebie! So this summer I spent some time with some other first grade teachers and we were discussing homework and reading.  We had all tried different things in the past but I loved the idea of a reading calendar.  In our area, our first grade students are given "reading buddies", a stuffed animal puppy, that they keep at school and read to every day.  It's totally awesome and the kids just love their little puppies. As a way to increase reading at home, the first graders have a reading calendar with a goal to reach each month and when the calendar is turned in they earn "prizes" to go with their puppy.  Well since I can't get every one in america puppies for their first graders I thought I would at least share my reading calendar that I made! Aren't they cute!

If you would like to change the minutes goal just white it out and write in your goal, a calendar for each month Sept-June! Click the link!
Reading Calendar! Please leave a comment for me below and tell me what you think! Thanks
Ok well I'm going to take a break from computing now but I'll be back at it tomorrow. Enjoy the freebie!

UPDATE 7/13/16-I've made Reading Calendars for every year the past few years and you can get the NEWEST CALENDARS for the 2016-2017 School Year!! Get them here!

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