Sunday, January 27, 2013

harder than it looks....

So this blogging thing is tough! I'm not really finding the time to blog apparently ;)  Too much to do with school and life these days!  Well Christmas break was great, a much needed break for sure,  I was definitely ready to back to school and was so happy to see my kids.  Makes we wonder about summer and the next school year... ah I'll forget about that for awhile.

So the second part of this blog title is "Train" which I'm better somedays than others that for sure! I have a half-marathon and sprint tri to train for and I really have to get my butt in gear. I'm been crossfitting which is great but a crossfit gym is like a regular gym, no treadmill, no ellipitical.  i can just go on a random Sunday afternoon and get a run in.  I live in North Idaho so it's winter/rain/snow/grossness/wet/mess November through...(I better not jinx it...).  So I went back to my regular gym with a cheap 2-month pass (Still crossfitting tho!) I ran on the treadmill the other day for the first time since this time last year AND running outside is soooo much better, I was so bored!  but once again the slushy mess kept me inside.  However the gym does have some good rewards too...eye candy! hahaha!

I gotta get more this blog, and my fitness! oh and eating well.  I did post 2 new items to my teachers pay teachers store. Yay, and I've made a few bucks! Here's my new stuff an animal unit and my Valentine Math pack!

Amazing Animal UnitValentine Math Extravaganza

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