Thursday, July 3, 2014

Guided Math Chapter 6!

If your anything like me I have been thinking all this Guided Math stuff is great but exactly how to I do it? I was excited to read this chapter since I believe that in order for Guided Math to be successful, your students have to be successful during Math Workshop. I have never done Math Workshop before so this year will be a big change! Most of what Laney states about setting up Math Workshop reminds me of " the sisters" and how they go about implementing DAILY 5.  I found it super helpful to have a day by day lesson plan when launching Daily 5. I'm sure those ideas could be easily adapted to Math Workshop. 

I'll be blogging more about this at a later date, but until I would love to hear your ideas! I have been "pinning" up a storm on Pinterest to look at what others do. I just love learning from others!

This summer I am working on getting all of my math centers/stations organized, I used some centers last year but I wasn't as successful as I wanted to be. Currently I am making 4 copies of each activity and will be placing the activities in bins or tubs (haven't found those yet or decided!) My plan is that if a student finishes one activity they could go and pick another one, time permitting, that way there will always be enough activities for everyone. I can't decide what size of group would best...

I'm very excited to start Guided Math this year, when I implemented Daily 5 last year it was hard but well worth those initial rough days in the beginning. I believe Guided Math will really help me know exactly where my students are at, where I see strengths and where I see weaknesses. Working with the small groups will really allow me focus on those students are in need of more help.

So what are your thoughts? Do you do Math Workshop, Centers or Stations? How do you teach your procedures? 

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