Monday, February 25, 2013

inspiration monday

where do you get inspiration?

Well if you're anything like me it pretty much comes up outta nowhere and hits you in the head.  Today I was wiping tables in the cafetaria and I got an idea for another math game for March (how did that happen?) I know that in the past year or so since I joined pinterest and found TpT, I have read and learned from an amazing community of teachers.  I would have never thought that I would design stuff for other people to buy! so where does it comes from? I guess I truly don't know! My students inspire and challenge me everyday to be better.

Other areas of inspiration? for some reason I decided to start running 3 years ago (never been a runner, not much of an exerciser) but my friend wanted me to join her in "beginning running class" so I did it. and you'll never guess what happened? I actually like running!  so it's inspiration monday after all and I guess it's appropriate because I started my half-marathon training today.  Right now I can barely go 3 miles but soon I'll be at 13.6? That's crazy! Here's to the next 13 weeks in hopes it all goes well!

Happy Monday Everyone, remember inspiration is everywhere!

oh and check these out too!
March Math Task Cards for 3rd Grade


Fun in 1st Grade said...

I love the pin! Thanks for linking up!
:) Dana

Everyone deServes to Learn said...

My inspiration comes when I'm trying to relax!

Everyone deServes to Learn

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