Friday, March 29, 2013

five for friday!

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So number one...I'm on a 21 day sugar detox... and it's mid-way through day one.  I also can't eat any grains (wheat, cereal, bread, pasta, etc.) if you have heard of paleo it's pretty much no grains and limited fruits and nuts, meat and veggies.  I have been trying to be Paleo since I joined CrossFit last year but it's tricky.  So if I'm a little nuts the next few weeks it's because of this sugar detox we will see how it goes. (I think a need a snack...) Even though I'm doing a sugar detox I have 10 miles to run tomorrow so I have to have some carbs otherwise I'll totally bonk! I love training but it's hard work. How do you relieve stress? I find that when I don't workout I'm totally stressed and tense about everything!

Number two...It's hard to believe that March is almost over.  I have been officially teaching now for 7 months and time has flown by! It's crazy! My third graders are so great (challenging but great!)  Next is up in the air as for what grade I'll be teaching...I guess we will see!

Number three... This week (ok only Monday and Tuesday) we worked on capacity and made this fun "Super Gallon Man" craftivity.  I decided to make it a "Super Hero" theme and my students had a lot of fun creating their own super hero. Click on the picture to the right to go to my TpT store, it's on sale right now for $1.20!

Number Four... So I'm pretty new to bloggy (bloggie?) land and there's alot that I've had to learn and the newest thing a picture to a url and if all goes well, thanks to a great tutorial I found at Blogger Tutorials and Tips, hopefully I did it right!

Number Five... it's sale time!

I hope this Good Friday is good to you and you and your family have a wonderful Easter Holiday!



Erika said...

The tutorial worked yay!

Molly said...

21 days without sugar - oh my word! Congrats to you! Excited to have found you through the linky! I'm your newest follower :)

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