Sunday, March 24, 2013

get to know me!

I'm linking up with Mrs. Reed from Flying into First for a fun little Sunday Linky party! I only have 2 days with kids this week, a work day, a looooong conference day and then 10 days of SPRING BREAK!!! and we're supposed to have beautiful weather sunny and whopping 50 degrees!

Back to the linky party!  We're playing the Noun Game: Favorite person, place, thing and animal.

So my favorite person...kinda tricky because I have lots of favorite people! So I'll just pick two... my mom and my best friend Pam. We actually haven't been friends all that thing but that doesn't matter.  We always have the best time whether it's zumba, triathlons, pizza and pj parties it's so good to find a real and true friend!

This is Pam (left) and Me (right) a while back at Oktoberfest!

My favorite place...I live in a beautiful place... and my favorite place to be is at the lake/beach on a sunny hot day.
Is it summer yet?!

My favorite thing... hands down my MacBook Pro! It's totally awesome and I love it, had to get  used to it at first but that only took about a day! I have loved making stuff of tpt and stuff for school in general.

My favorite Animal is my cat George.  She, and yes I said/meant she ;) is just about the cutest darn thing on planet Earth.  She is goofy and silly.  She usually tries to sit on the laptop while I'm in the middle of typing because she loves to cuddle.  Awe I just love her :)

Isn't she just the cutest?! 
Now it's your turn to link up! I'll try to be back tomorrow with a freebie!


Liz said...

Found you through the linky, and let me tell you, you may have the cutest cat in the world. I love both pictures of her! Her sitting on your laptop reminds me of my dog. She does the exact same thing!
Teaching in the Valley

Ashley said...

Love that beach! Your cat is super cute. My dog likes to lay on my lap when I'm working on my computer, he is nuts! :)

Primary Teacherhood

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