Saturday, April 13, 2013

8 weeks left! (and a giveway!)

Well... it's that time of the week five for friday...on Saturday!
 This week was my first week back from Spring Break and surprisingly it was a great week!  We only have 8 weeks now until school is out. June 7th here I come! (I'm excited but I'm just gonna cry like a baby the last day! Do you cry the last day too?)

This quarter will be quite exciting in third grade, I'm teaching matter and the solar system! I found a great unit from Hope King at 2nd Grade Shenanigans on Matter.  Check it out here.  We have just done the first couple of activities but my kids we're super excited (which made me super excited too!)

Unfortunately the weather here in Idaho has returned to winter rather than Spring... so that's a big bummer.  I'm totally done with winter and I'd prefer to just move to summer... thank you mother nature!

Today I ran 10 miles in the wind (gusts between 25 to 35 mph!) it was kinda ridiculous to be honest, but I got it done, three years ago I started running and I never thought I would ever be able to run that far ever in my life but it sure feels good.  What do you do to relax, relieve stress? (have I asked this question before? lol!)

Lastly, I got inspired by all the Earth Day stuff on Pinterest (seriously how did I live before Pinterest?!) so I found some cute clipart and made up a new Spin It to Win It just for the occasion.  Here it is! What do you think?  I made a 1st and 2nd Grade that has numbers to 20 and 2 digit addition/subtraction and also a 3rd and 4th Grade version with 3 digit numbers and two different multiplication boards.  First commenter gets their choice of which one they would like!

 Recording sheet for both versions of the game.
 Game board in both the 1st/2nd and 3rd/4th!
Basic Multiplication fact board in 3rd/4th Grade edition!

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