Saturday, April 27, 2013

Matter, matter everywhere!

So...I think I start every post this way, like I'm in the middle of a conversation and I'm just changing the subject...anyway, back on point! In this final quarter we are teaching matter and space in third grade.  Well outer space it practically teaches itself really because the kids are so into to but matter, I wasn't quite sure what to do!  I found some great units on TpT one from Hope King at Second Grade Shenanigans and another from More Time to Teach.

These are both great and awesome resources be sure to check them out.  I decided to teach a few more things and created my own unit to go along with the other two.  My unit focuses on the properties of liquids and solids and physical and chemical changes.  There are 5 experiments/investigations that will have your students totally excited about matter and science.  You just need a few things from around the house or the local dollar store and it's easy to get started!
Click on the picture above and check it out my TpT store! How TpT helped you teach units/subjects that might be new to you or that you want to spice up a bit?  I know it's totally changed how I teach! It's also been great for my teaching team, I love to share the stuff I make and be a little inspiring :)

in other I had the hardest AND longest run of my life! In total my run was 13.71 miles and I covered I climbed over 500ft in elevation.  I ran a road that had series of "wonderful" hills that pushed me to the brink!  It was a part of town that I really didn't know existed to be honest but in my misery of hill it was quite beautiful as well. You can see parts of two separate lakes on the road.  So in the midst of blogging today, my legs are throbbing and I can hardly walk...but something to look forward to next saturday... it's only a 10 miler, a flat 10 miler! (whoever thought 10 miles would seem like a dream come true!)

Who has 2 thumbs and 30 days left of school?!

This teacher!!! anyway... happy saturday and happy teaching

love erika

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