Saturday, November 2, 2013


What a week! Picture day, end of the quarter, report cards and oh can't forget HALLOWEEN! 

We started out the week with a little math center fun from my fall fun for firsties unit.

In this activity the students have to write numbers to make each number sentence true, tougher than it looks! You check out this little unit here.

Next we worked on nouns and we wrote down as many nouns as we could that could be found in our classroom and then we wrote a big list.
(Don't mind the 1st grade spelling...we're working on it!)

We also did some writing about bats, which we had studied for the last two weeks. Here some students were writing facts during work on writing.

And finally a little Halloween fun freebie I know it's late for Halloween this year but maybe next year or really anytime!
I was fortunate enough that I did not have to teach the day after Halloween because of teacher work day, so for all of you who did, you are awesome!
Have a great weekend :)

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