Thursday, March 27, 2014

Spring has Sprung and Games are Fun Blog Hop!

I'm so excited after a few months "off" from creating stuff and blogging...I got my creative juices flowing to join 19 of my "bloggy" friends to bring you this great blog hop!
You will learn about a game, get a freebie and even enter to win a prize! YAY!

So I literally just finished my spring conferences (like just 2 hours ago) and boy I'm tired but I'm so excited to share my freebie game with you...YES free!  Yesterday we had a work day, which I love and hate, fortunately I have all of my report cards done so I got to do some lesson planning. I'm pleased to say that my week after spring break is planned and even the week stressing ;) So in  reviewing what standards we are to teach (sometimes I wonder if we'll make it through!) I got inspired by the thought of spring and Krista Wallden's so cute clipart.  I came up with this little freebie. It's a game that practices a bit of number sense and place value. 

In this game students need 2 sets of number cards, a stack of butterfly cards and a stack of ladybug cards. Use 4 different colors of cardstock (2 colors for player 1 and 2 colors for player 2). You decide which cards (butterfly or ladybug) are the tens and which are the ones. 

Students build a number by drawing one card of each color and then record it on their sheet.

They write the number and then the number in expanded form. Next one student spins the spinner, you can use a pencil and a paperclip, the spinner will land on "more" or "less" this determines the winner. 

For example, in the picture above player 1 wins the round because "less" was spun and they had the smaller number. They then write a greater than/less than sentence. The students tally their wins on the bottom.

You can get this freebie from my TPT store!
Click the picture!

Now time for giveaway... Win the rest of my Spring into...Fun! Spring Centers. It includes place value, 3 addend addition, ten more and 10 less just to name a few, its about a $5 value! GOOD LUCK :)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Now little bunny hop over to my friend's blog to find more freebies and giveaways!


Jennifer Drake said...

Looks like a fun activity to do/play! It may be a bit much for my kinders, but going to send some first grade friends to you page to check it out!

Erika said...

Thank you! I appreciate that :)

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