Friday, April 4, 2014

Facebook Free-for-all!

It's back...
Just for this weekend...I looove FREEBIES! As I'm sure you do as well! 

So here's the story about my freebie... a few years back I taught at a private and it was expected to have an Easter Egg hunt before Easter which is all well and good but what am I to do with all those eggs??!!

Well it came to me a few weeks ago...SIGHT WORDS...a sight word egg hunt! So I cooked up this little baby for me and you. I have been using my reading curriculum's HFW but also Fry's 1st, 2nd and 3rd 100 word lists with my class because it's not really mandated by my district as to which words we can and can't use. Practice and exposure with the Fry's words have done wonders for my lowest readers!

So back to the freebie... it's the 1st 100 words on the Fry list.
Print the four pages of sight words on a pretty color of card stock. I will be printing the 1st 100 on one color and my other 2 sets on 2 other colors, that way I can know which words belong to which set ;)

Once you have the words printed, laminate them and cut them out. Then place a word and maybe a little jelly bean or something in each egg. I was just at the Dollar Tree and they have lots of plastic eggs!

Hide the eggs around your classroom and let the fun begin!

Once the students have found all the eggs you can have them work on the printable that I included, practice with ABC order!

In the 2nd and 3rd 100 packs there are more printables including a math and graphing activity, click here to here to see the 2nd 100 and here to see the 3rd 100 at my store!

(Yeah, yeah lady...where's my freebie?)

Ok the freebie, click the picture below and go to my facebook page an click on the FB Free-for-all! tab, like the page and get your freebie!

I know your class will have fun this one! Please let me know your thoughts!

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Cassie Thomas said...

Erika, I loved your sight words for the eggs!! My kids had such a blast!!! I wanted to let you know I nominated you for The Liebster Award! Go check it out on my blog. Mrs. Thomas Kinder

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