Thursday, June 19, 2014

Guided Math Chapter 4!

(I think I answered both of these questions...) Most of us grew up (and teach) using whole class methods, if you're reading about Guided Math and these posts you are probably interested in expanding your strategies so you aren't teaching whole group the whole time (the entire reason I am reading it...HELLO!) This past school year was particularly hard to me to do anything but teach whole group. NOT how I wanted it to go but sometimes things just seem too complicated and hard to change.  I had a rough group of kids and not much support to help with the behaviors in my class. It's not an excuse at all but it definitely made for a challenging year. You can't change everything all at once, nor should you try! 

I did many activating activities and then most of the time we did some work together and then the students worked independently while I worked with a few students individually or a small group, but not in a real structured manner.

So this brings me to GUIDED MATH! I really think it's becoming more and more doable for me, YAY! 

So you might be wondering what things are appropriate for whole-group instruction... 

So how many whole group activities are you doing with your class? 

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