Saturday, July 13, 2013

How's your summer? Wanna Freebie?!

Well It's hard to believe that it's the middle of summer already! I think I have about 6 weeks till I have to go back to school (but I'm super excited) I have a lot to do in my classroom though! I've been hard at work designing some classroom decor, buying book baskets and other things to organize my classroom. I've been working this past week on some thrift store book shelves that I found for CHEAP!!! I got six pieces for under $60! They're in the process of being painted white.  I hopefully will finish them this next week.

 Five of the six pieces that I bought are laminate furniture (you know the cheapy fake wood stuff?!) Well if you've ever tried to paint doesn't work! I found a great tutorial via PINTEREST of course on a blog called Live Love DIY, you can check it out here.
I've also been working on classroom decor, I started it in May and I finally finished it this week! 
Here are my Daily Five Poster! Click the link on the bottom to get them for free!

Until next time!


Molly said...

I LOVE these fabulous posters! Printing these out right now & using them to introducing D5 this year! Thanks for the treat!

Lucky to Be in First

kidzkidzkidz8 said...

These are great! Is it possible for you to make a Computer sign too? If so, could you e-mail it to me?

Thanks so much!


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