Monday, September 2, 2013

a little classroom tour!

just a day late...I spent the last real day of summer at the lake getting a nice sunburn... Anyway, I've have worked the ENTIRE summer and now (the day before school starts!) I'm ready to show you my classroom! It's pretty cute if I do say so myself...

Back of the classroom, taken from the door.

Close-up of our Gathering Spot, where I will do Morning Message, Days of the Week, Days of School, etc.
Days of the Week can be found in my

 Number Posters at the front of the room are in my decor pack too!

My cute little group baskets for pencils and crayons, I have desks in my classroom but I'm planning on using them more like tables and the kids will not have many things kept in their desks! At least I hope!

 My genius Lunch Count board made out of pizza pans from the dollar tree, magnets with a sticky back from Wal-Mart and my students numbers from my Decor pack (4 pages printed on one page is a nice way to reduced the size and super easy!) The kids will come in, hang up their stuff and make their lunch choice (choice and cold lunch pan not shown ;)  I hope it works out!

I took most of these photos last wednesday when we had 1st Grade orientation. This was the stuff they got to take home with them that night. My principal loved the little flip book I made and so did the parents! Check it out at Ashley Reed's Store it's awesome Parent Handbook Flipbook

Our classroom Library, all these books have been leveled and covered with contact paper to help them endure hours of reading by my "firsties".

Close-up of my book boxes, the locker bins (on the left and right are from the Dollar Tree, center basket from Really Good Stuff).  All my books also got a matching number sticker on the back so the kiddos would be able to put the book back in the right bin!

 Students book baskets, also from the Dollar Tree. I just love that place!

Well what to do in the last few hours of summer??? I'm both EXCITED and NERVOUS for tomorrow, I just hope I sleep later ;)

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Jennifer James said...

I love your book baskets! I found really beautiful cardboard magazine holders that I used for book boxes but they're on their last legs and I can't find them anymore. Looks like I need to make a trip to Dollar Tree!

Mrs. James’ Jungle

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