Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Christmas Questionnaire

Hot Chocolate or Eggnog? 
I love both, I used to hate Eggnog and yes it does sound strange but I love love it now! (Isn't it funny how your tastes change from when your a kid to an adult so weird!)

Does Santa wrap presents or just sit them underneath the tree? 
When I was growing we had what I would consider now to be kinda a strange tradition of unwrapping presents...my brother and I got to unwrap all of our presents on Christmas Eve after we went to the Christmas Eve service at church and then on Christmas morning Santa would arrive with unwrap/no tag presents. I guess it worked in our house because there was no way the new Barbie doll was for my brother!

Colored lights or white? 
I actually love to use both! I think colored lights don't quite have enough brightness so I like to use white lights too!

When do you decorate? 

Real or Fake Tree? 
Since I always insisted on putting up the tree ASAP my parents used a fake tree and as you can see mine is white, so yes fake. I fake the pine/spruce/balsam whatever it is smell, is my favorite smell ever and I love it all year long!

What Tops Your Tree?
This year it's a some sort of lighted ball that I found at Bit Lots and turned into a tree topper.

Favorite Christmas Memories or Traditions?
Every year my town has a parade and lighting ceremony the day after Thanksgiving. Hundreds of people line the streets and the floats pass by. After the parade all the lights are turned on in the downtown area and there's a firework show (almost as good as 4th of July). I also love baking cookies with my mom, she has the best sugar cookie recipe ever!

Do you remember your favorite gift as a child? 
This one is a bit of a stumper...I had so many good presents and every year I was so happy excited. I remember getting wedding Barbie and Ken and a giant pink Limo to go with. I was totally girlie and always got Barbies or baby dolls.

Do prefer giving or receiving? 
Well of course I love getting presents but I do get really excited when I find the prefect gifts for my friends and family...speaking of which I better get on it...  

What is your favorite Christmas song? 
Hark! The Herald Angels Sing! mainly because I love hearing my Grandma (who just turned 100) sing it. I love Christmas music but I prefer Frank Sintara, Dean Martin, Nat King Cole to the new artists

Candy Canes. Yuck or Yum? 
I love candy but candy canes are something I can turn down.

Favorite Christmas Movie? 
Christmas Vacation 

Do you shop online or at stores?
Depends on what I'm buying...usually in stores but it just depends. 

Photo Cards, Letter or Store Bought Card? 
I don't send out anything (no husband or kids to brag about, lol). My mother sends out a letter.

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Michelle said...

What a cute tree! Love it! Thanks for linking up!

Jessie said...

I love your tree! So brightly colored! I wish I could do something like that, but the natural colors and burlap take over me. Haha


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