Saturday, December 21, 2013

Five for Friday...On Saturday!

I'm linking up Doodles Bus Teaching to share my week with you!

and what a week it was!
We've been enjoying our visits with our classroom elf "Jingle" however in all the craziness of the week I forgot to take pictures of all his shenanigans, but I did get this one!

On Wednesday and Thursday we made Christmas ornaments for the parents and they turned out soo cute! I hope they will like them,  my ornaments are still on my parent's tree at their house.
This project required: white acrylic paint, plain Christmas balls ( I found blue glittery ones on clearance at Shopko), and a variety of Sharpies.  I was a little nervous to have them use Sharpies so I gave them a tiny little square to come up with their snowman design. I think the practice was perfect and they ornaments turned out great! Aren't they cute?!

Now for Friday...We began the day with the movie The Polar Express...I did a little lesson planning while we were watching.  All seven classes...yes seven were in the library.

To end the day we had our Christmas party and made gingerbread houses, fortunately we had many parents come to help us, Thank You :)

Then is was over! and now I'm officially on Christmas break, yeah! It was the longest week ever but it's all worth it! I'll miss those kiddos over break for sure. 
Yay for Break! me (in the red) and a fellow 1st grade teacher :)

When we come back we will be reviewing expectations and rules. What do you do when coming back from break? I would love to hear your ideas!

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Sandy Welch said...

What a fun and busy week. We all deserve a rest for sure! Love the end of the week picture with your first grade teaching buddy. Enjoy your break!

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